"BMT" - MegaPixel Board Camera lenses (M12 Mount)

BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT) is india's No.1 Manufacturer of MegaPixel board camera lenses. The company designs, develops & manufacture cctv lenses, security cameras, surveillance cameras, security camera systems, S-Mount (M12x0.5) Lenses.


With strong in-house R&D & design efforts, our lenses are developed with optimal precision techniques & comes with very low distortion & produce high quality images. Our lenses are actively implemented in variety of applications like in FA/Machine Vision, ITS/Surveillance & Medical Imaging Applications & many others etc.

 Key Features: 

High resolution & high contrast

                                                    Very low distortion.


"BMT" is brand name of BalaJi MicroTechnologies (BMT), India


We are happy to introduce our wide range of MegaPixel S-Mount (M12x0.5) Lenses.



Application Support: If you need any additional support in finding right option solution for your application, please do kindly revert us with further details, our highly skilled optical team would be happy to assist you.


OEM/Custom design: Should your application requires very specific optical specification, our strong R&D team can take care of custom specific lens development as well. Do let us know optical specification along with projected volume. we shall make our proposal accordingly.